Virus detection

Feb 21, 2016

Virus detection

All Fly Elise-ng software tools are genuine programs and free of viruses.

In order to protect our intellectual property and prevent reverse engineering of our software we use an off-the-shelf software copy-protection solution to encrypt parts of the software with a standard encryption scheme.
Those parts of the software are decrypted run-time if the license key is present on the system.

Unfortunately, some virus protection programs can not cope with this. They report “false positives” and declare the programs infected.

To improve on the trust-ability of our programs, we acquired a code signing digital certificate from a trusted root authority. All the software components are signed with this certificate.

You can check this by right-click on an exe or dll and in the property tabs check the signature and the certificate chain.

This helped with some virus scanners to not mark the software as suspicious, however there are still vendors that report “false positives”.

We are in constant communication with the virus scanner vendors trying to convince them to put our products on their white lists. With some vendors this has been already done.

 The only recommendation we have at this moment is to put the software on the “white list” of the virus protection software.

There are written the ways how to submit file sample to antivirus companied to fix this issue:

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