About Us


Fly Elise-ng is dynamic and innovative company founded in 2010. Years of experience and development of flight simulators resulted in set of professional products for multi-projector displays, auto-alignment and soft-edge blending.

Immersive Designer PRO software is an essential and must have tool for designing single or multi-projector solution for curved or plain screens.A WYSIWYG environment allows creation and evaluation of different projection setups, projector and screen types, visual assessment and analytical calculation of the projection performance (pixel size and resolution, overlap utilization, brightness, etc).

Immersive Display PRO is the ultimate geometric correction and soft-edge blending software package for DirectX, OpenGL and Windows 7 and Windows 8 and Windows 10 Desktops. It is based on the proven Fly Elise-ng image geometric correction and soft-edge blending technology for multi-projector projection on regular and irregular projection screens (cylindrical screens, full and partial domes and any other shaped projection surface).
Additionally the software offers the most advanced auto-alignment tools and algorithms for calibration of multi-channel projection, geometrical correction and soft-edge blending including automatic camera based auto-alignment.
With the provided SDK, it can be integrated into any projection system or image generator system.