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Fly Elise-ng

Multi-projector Immersive Display Software

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Immersive Display PRO

Soft-edge blending

Windows 7, 8, 81. and 10 Desktop warping

Geometrical correction & warping

DirextX 9, 10, 10.1, 11 and OpenGL

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Immersive Calibration PRO

Automatic multi-camera calibration

Single (2D) and multi-frustum (3D) mapping

Full dome calibration

3D gaming and graphics engine export

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Immersive Designer PRO

Single or multi-projector design

Arbitrary projection screens

Commercial projectors database

Pixel resolution analysis

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Immersive Bundle PRO

Designer PRO

Calibration PRO

Display PRO

What We Do


We develop software solutions for:

Immersive multi-projector displays

Multi degrees of freedom motion platforms design and control

General aviation instrument panels




We have  10+ years hands-on expertise in:

Design and create multiple full-motion flight simulators

Custom software development for different simulation systems (vision, motion, cockpit instruments, force control, etc.)

General aviation instrument panels



 We offer consultancy and design services for:

Static or full-motion home or professional simulators based on COTS components and software

Immersive Projection Systems for 2D and 3D projections


Immersive Display PRO

Immersive Display PRO is the ultimate geometric correction and soft-edge blending software package for DirectX, OpenGL and Windows 7/8/10 desktops.

It seamlesly integrated into the Windows 7/8/10 desktop and provides image geometric correction and soft-edge blending using the PC GPU. No additional hardware is needed for projection on regular and irregular projection screens (cylindrical screens, full and partial domes and any other shaped projection surface).


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New professional website design

New release

Immersive Designer Pro v1.3r1

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New release

LCD Designer Pro v1.0r4

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Special Offer

Save 10% when purchasing complete Immersive Designer + Calibration + Display PRO bundle

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Calibration PRO

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The software offers the most advanced tools and algorithms for automatic alignment and soft-edge blending of multi-channel projection systems.Immersive Calibration PRO is the latest most sophisticated client/server auto-calibration software.

Immersive Calibration PRO supports the most popular flight and racing simulators. It can also be integrated into any projection system or image generator system.

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Immersive Designer PRO

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Immersive Designer PRO software is an essential and must have tool for designing single or multi-projector solutions for curved, planar or custom projection screens.

Projectors, screens, cameras and objects can be positioned in WYSIWYG visual environment for direct visual feedback.

Additional analysis modules exist for calculation , analysis and plots for pixel and screen resolutions, brightness distribution and projector coverage.

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"Immersive Display PRO is a very user-friendly and fully functional software if you want to warp your sim outside visuals. I am completely satisfied with this product."


"I tried it out yesterday and i am now absolutely satisfied with product and result. So i didn't even need the 30 days of trial. It is a real deal. That's a good way to do business! Absolutely fair pricing and quick reply from Fly Elise-n support. Cockpit builder what do you want more?"


"I only want to tell you, that after adjustement everthing is working excellent. I needed some time to understand how this software works, but now I only can say: It's great!! Now I have the feeling of a real flight. My wife gets dizzy when she flys with me. Thanks a lot for your intensive help and have a good time"


"We've got our hands on the new version of Immersive Display Desktop from Fly Elise-ng which supports full desktop blending under Windows 7/8/10. I'll say this, it's impressive, and works great. Only took us a few minutes to get the Windows desktop stretched across 2 projectors and running some full screen DirectX visualizations."