Licensing info

Licensing info

Licensing info

The software can be licensed with different license modes.

PC Locked and USB Dongle Licenses:

The PC Locked License is “locked” to the PC Hardware components. The software will generate a “HardwareID“, and based on this HardwareID, a “License Code” will be generated and emailed. The software can run only on that PC as long as the hardware components do not change. When a hardware component changes, the software will generate another HardwareID. Based on the changed HardwareID, it can be determined which component has been changed. If only one hardware component has been changed, we can generate a new PC Locked License. If the PC hardware is changed completely or a new PC is used, PC Locked License can NOT be re-generated. 
If the software will be used on a changing PC Hardware configurations, or if the software will be used on more than one PC, a USB Dongle License needs to be ordered.
The USB Dongle License is stored and delivered on a secure “USB Dongle“. The USB Dongle License is independent of the PC Hardware. The software can be used on any PC as long as the USB Dongle is inserted. USB dongles are delivered by post. Shipping costs are included in the price.

Commercial and Home-User Licenses:

A Commercial License is for customers who are using the software for commercial applications and receive financial compensation from using the software. Re-sellers and system integrators who use the software in their solutions are considered commercial parties. Commercial license can NOT be ordered as PC Locked License. For commercial use only USB Dongle License must be ordered. If a PC Locked License is ordered and if the PC Hardware components change, PC License will not be re-generated.
A Home-User License (non-commercial) is for individual home-use only. It can only be purchased if no financial compensation is received whatsoever from using the software. A Home-user License can be ordered as both PC Locked License and USB Dongle License.

License validity:

Both PC Locked and USB Dongle licenses are perpetual. A perpetual license will allow the customer to use the licensed software indefinitely. For the first 2 years, the perpetual license also entitles the customer to download all updates to the software and to receive technical support.
After the 2 – year period ends, the customer can choose to remain with the last version released before the 2 – year Free-Upgrade and Support expired, or to purchase a new  2 – year Free-Upgrade and Support, for 40% of the license price. There are no penalties for letting Updates & Support lapse for a while before purchasing a new 2 – year Free-Upgrade and Support. The new 2 – year Free-Upgrade and Support period will be extended starting from the last date of the previous 2 – year period.

Example: The initial license has been purchased on 01.03.2021. The 2 – year Free-Upgrade and Support period will end on 01.03.2023. Before 01.03.2023, the user can download and install all software versions released before 01.03.2023. After 01.03.2023, the user can continue to use the software, or purchase a new 2 – year Free-Upgrade and Support Extension. The new extension will extend the Free-Upgrade and Support period from 01.03.2023 till 01.03.2025, even if extension  purchase is done after 01.03.2023.

Important:  For all licenses purchased before 01.01.2018, the 2 – year Free-Upgrade and Support period will end on 01.01.2020. After that, a new 2 – year Free-Upgrade and Support extension can be purchased.

Register the software with PC Locked License:

After you send us the HardwareID, we will generate the PC Locked License Code.
PC Locked License can be entered using the Software License Window and pressing the Enter PC Locked License button.

A new window will open to enter the license Code

Paste the license code that you received from us in the window and press Apply. The software needs to be restarted to apply the license.
If you have an “old” license with UserName and LicenseKey, select the “Old” tab.

Enter the UserName and LicenseKey. Press Apply and restart the software to apply the license.

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