Advanced Projector Masking in Immersive Calibration PRO

Jul 14, 2018

Advanced Projector Masking in Immersive Calibration PRO

Advanced Projector Masking in Immersive Calibration PRO

Designing and calibrating a multi-projector setup with edge blending is a complicated task.
A lot of careful choices have to be made about projectors types, projector positions and orientations, screen shape and size, persons or objects in the light path of the projector, projected images shadows, etc…..

Careful design choices lead to optimal design that maximizes the projectors pixels utilization and in the same time minimizes the image stretching artefacts and image masking for projector light obstructions.

But even after a perfect design, the unplanned on-site built-up can cause unplanned construction objects to obstruct the projection light path and cause unplanned shadows. As an illustration in this setup, part of the construction frame slightly obstructs the left projectors image light path and causes shadows in the overlapping area.

The latest version of Immersive Calibration PRO supports advanced projector image masking tool to mask out the areas of the projectors that should be ignored during calibration and the edge-blending.

Create one or more masking areas interactively to mask out part of the projected image that that should be ignored. After the masking, the software will calculate and produce perfect edge-blend.

Masked areas are also masked in the edge-blend areas and the overlapping projectors compensate the masked regions.

The advanced projector masking supports several types of masking polygons, including line polygons, bezier polygons, rectangles, circles and ellipses the can be created and edited interactively.

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