Immersive Designer PRO – Multi Channel Wizard

Apr 26, 2020

Immersive Designer PRO – Multi Channel Wizard

Starting from version v2.2.0, Immersive Designer PRO – Ultimate introduces a new design tool for quick and accurate design of a multi projector system for simulation and image generation (IG) applications.

The multi-channel design provides functionality to divide the projection screen in a number of overlapping channels. Each channel covers a part of the screen surface (horizontal and vertical angle). Channel can overlap to allow proper projector edge-blending.

Each channel is associated with one projector. This projector is responsible for generating an image that covers the complete channel surface on the screen. This will ensure that projectors will have enough overlap on the projection screen to ensure optimal projector pixel utilization and optimal edge blending.

Additionally, for simulators and IT applications, an eye-point associated with the channels. This eyepoint is used to calculate and show the needed channel coverage and geometrical correction in order to be able to generate 100% geometrically accurate projection and edge-blending.

A wizard is available to create the channels and optimonaly to create and position the projectors in the scene so that the projectors cover the channels on the screen.
Based on the projector type and offsets, an additional manual projector re-position is needed to fine-tune the projector coverage to the screen channel.

The following is a step by step guide to quick-start a multi-channel projection setup.


1. First decide on the screen shape and screen size. This fill we used to create the channels on the screen. For this guude a cylindrical screen will be used with a radius of 1.5 meters and total angle of 200 degrees.

  1. Next, create an eye-point at the desired eye-point position. In this case the eye-point will be created at the center of the screen.

3. After that create one projector or select a projector from the included projector database. This projector will be used as a template to create and position all all other projectors in the scene.
For this guide we will use the BenQ HT1085ST projector.

Leave the projector position unchanged. The multi-channel wizard will determine the projector position.

4. Go to the Channels tab and start the multi-channel wizard.

Select a 3×1 channels configuration, with channels overlap of 15%. Make sure the desired eye-point is selected and the template projectror is selected for creating all other projectors. 

Press on Create and the software will create all the channels and the projectors.

Although the projectors are created to fit the channel on the screen, the projectors position still needs some adjustments. In this case the projectors have a vertical beam offset of 100%. Once we set the vertical offset, move the projectors vertically (y axis) and backwards (z axis) to make sure the projectors images cover the complete channel area on the screen.

For example, the middle projector coverage looks like this:

The projection from the design eye-point on the screen indicates the image geometric correction and the coverage for the image generator and simulator software.

5. For further analysis of the projector pixel utilization and image distortion go to the analysis menu and use Channel analysis for all projectors.
This will calculate the channel image distortion and coverage from the projector perspective for each channel. The analysis images per projector can be shown on the screen using the View/Channel view analysis menu.

This analysis gives a visual indication of the projector utilization and image distortion. A design should be selected which results in maximal pixel utilization and minimal distortion given the constraints of the projection setup.


Important: The multi-channel support and multi-channel wizard is only available for an Ultimate License. 

The following screen shapes support multi-channel: Cylinder, Partial dome, Torus, HorseShoe-Single and HorseShoe-Double. 


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