Immersive Display Revealed

Mar 23, 2014

Immersive Display Revealed

Creating and configuring a multi-projector setup with an arbitrary curved or planar screen is a delicate and complex task. It requires properly selecting the projector and the projection screen, properly positioning the projectors, choosing the right projector overlap, geometrical correction of the projected image and edge blending of the overlapping images.
Each of this steps requires the right software to do the task and requires a basic understanding of each step.

We at Fly Elise-ng are starting a series of blog articles to reveal and explain each of the steps need to create a perfect Immersive Display setup. 

Some companies have announced their “Leave it to us (LTU) initiative” to hide behind their non-transparent and incorrect software tools.
We provide the right software tools as part of our Immersive Display Bundle package and provide you with the right information to understand how the multi-projector setups work. 

In the following  articles we are covering the following items:

– Projector setup design and realization: Using  the software Immersive Designer PRO is a must for precise and accurate calculations and evaluations of the projectors, screen and the projections.

– Image geometrical correction: Using the software Immersive Calibration PRO or Immersive Display PRO image created by the computer can be deformed to look undistorted when projected on a irregular surface.

– Image overlap: When two or more projected images overlap on the screen it is necessary adapt the images generate by the computer for each projector so that they contain the same overlap. Using the software Immersive Calibration PRO or Immersive Display PRO image created by the computer can be processed to contain the same image overlap so that the projected image will be seamless.

– Edge blending: When images from two or more projectors overlap on the screen, the resulting images are blighter. To compensate for this brightness physical projectors light masks or a soft-edge blending can be used to create a seamless brightness in the overlap images.  Immersive Calibration PRO or Immersive Display PRO create the correct edge regions so that the projected images on the screen will look as one continuous seamless image.

The articles will also cover some advanced features like: Projectors black offset for perfect dark projection scenes, single and multi-frustum images, static or moving eye-point, etc.

Stay tuned….

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