Immersive Calibration PRO v2.9r3

Fly Elise-ng proudly releases Immersive Calibration PRO v2.9r3

Tons of new features and improvements including:
  • NEW: New multi-plane screen shape
    NEW: New support for asymmetric multi-plane cave screens
    NEW: Support for full dome calibration with normal cameras without fisheye lens.
    NEW: Manual post calculation warping for fine grained mapping
    NEW: Template based export for multi-view frustums data for any IG
    NEW: Advanced configuration for projector to screen mapping
    NEW: Complete 3D reconstruction of all projectors and cameras
    UPD: Reduced scanning time by at least 20%
    UPD: Robust projectors and camera 3D reconstruction from planar points
    UPD: Export multi-view preview images per projector
    UPD: Camera pan/zoom reset button
    FIX: Numerous bug fixes and performance improvements

Immersive Designer PRO v1.4r1

Fly Elise-ng proudly releases Immersive Designer PRO v1.4r1.

New in this version:
  • - NEW: Attach an object to a projector
    - NEW: Preserve horizon during scene rotation
    - NEW: Convert large 3D models to optimized binary models
    - NEW: Add toggle projector box visible on/off
    - NEW: Add support for fTheta projector lens
    - UPD: Updated 3D model library
    - UPD: Huge memory improvements to support extra large scenes
    - UDP: Fixed font and GUI scaling for high DPI displays
    - FIX: Load large 3D models
    - FIX: A number of small bug fixes and typos


View the embedded image gallery online at:

Immersive Display PRO v2.1r2

Fly Elise-ng  proudly releases Immersive Display PRO v2.1r2

Release notes:

  • - NEW: GUI indicators for showing the desktop and window warping
    - NEW: Configurable desktop indications when warping state changes
    - NEW: Advanced anisotropic (x2,4x,x8 and x16) filtering for best image quality during desktop warping
    - NEW: Reduce image color banding for some low bpp displays
    - NEW: Configurable checkerboard overlay for easier manual mapping
    - NEW: New keyboard shortcuts and buttons to reset only one projector grid
    - NEW: Special exclude to stop desktop composition on Windows 7 per executable
    - UPD: Override and force desktop rotation (for drivers that do not report rotation properly)
    - UDP: Fixed font and GUI scaling for high DPI displays
    - UDP: Move the preferences and excludes configuration files to the config folder
    - FIX: Position mismatch of the warp & blend windows on multiple displays
    - FIX: A number of minor bug fixes


View the embedded image gallery online at: