Immersive Calibration PRO v3.0r1

Fly Elise-ng proudly releases Immersive Calibration PRO v3.0r1

A lot of new features and improvements including:
  • - NEW: New test pattern generator
    - NEW: Camera zoom/pan in single view calibration
    - NEW: Checkerboard overlay pattern for single calibration
    - NEW: Toggle reconstructed projector/camera box and frustum visibility in 3D multi frustum window
    - NEW: Independent camera settings profile per view and task
    - NEW: Config file auto-save
    - NEW: Select and configure default test pattern
    - NEW: Manual post-warp and blend adjustments
    - NEW: Asymmetric frustum for DCS (optimal pixel utilization)
    - NEW: Double stacking projectors for side-by-side stereo projection
    - NEW: Add scene transform control in 3D frustum fitting window
    - NEW: Experimental: black offset support
    - NEW: Experimental: Export for images cut for distributed content rendering
    - UPD: Improved GUI controls (lager buttons and icons)
    - UPD: Updated calculate progress image
    - UPD: Improved image border fitting in single view calibration
    - UDP: Visible gird points on projector post-warp
    - FIX: Crash in general screen type
    - FIX: Frustum finding and fitting for single curved horse shoe screen
    - FIX: Crash in Canon DSLR run-time during scan projector
    - FIX: A number of bug fixes and performance improvements

Immersive Display PRO v2.2r2

Fly Elise-ng  proudly releases Immersive Display PRO v2.2r2

Release notes:

  • - NEW: NVida Quadro: Set custom desktop resolution and aspect ratio (fit to projection screen surface)
    - NEW: Support for Intel Collage Display Mode (Display Grouping)
    - UPD: Verified and qualified for Prepar3D v4 (64 bit)
    - UPD: Verified and qualified for XPlane 11 (64 bit)
    - UPD: Updated handling of SRGB for OpenGL (New in X-Plane11.01)
    - FIX: Custom projector resolution alignment


View the embedded image gallery online at:


Immersive Calibration PRO v2.9r3

Fly Elise-ng proudly releases Immersive Calibration PRO v2.9r3

Tons of new features and improvements including:
  • NEW: New multi-plane screen shape
    NEW: New support for asymmetric multi-plane cave screens
    NEW: Support for full dome calibration with normal cameras without fisheye lens.
    NEW: Manual post calculation warping for fine grained mapping
    NEW: Template based export for multi-view frustums data for any IG
    NEW: Advanced configuration for projector to screen mapping
    NEW: Complete 3D reconstruction of all projectors and cameras
    UPD: Reduced scanning time by at least 20%
    UPD: Robust projectors and camera 3D reconstruction from planar points
    UPD: Export multi-view preview images per projector
    UPD: Camera pan/zoom reset button
    FIX: Numerous bug fixes and performance improvements