Immersive Calibration PRO v2.9r1
Fly Elise-ng proudly releases Immersive Calibration PRO v2.9r1

Tons of new features and improvements including:
  • NEW: Added support for multi-stacking (multiple projector layers)
    NEW: Support for the latest Cannon cameras with Cannon SDK 305W
    NEW: Improved re-calibration and cache usage
    NEW: Configurable scanning delay between camera images
    UPD: Optimized memory usage for large calibration systems
    UPD: Improved and optimized network communication with the client
    UPD: High resolution soft-edge blending for more accurate blending
    UPD: Updated BarcoWB exported for better performance
    UPD: Improved calculation speed and performance on multi core systems
    UPD: Automatic usages of camera calibration data
    UPD: Improved GUI
    FIX: Fixed memory usage calculations
    FIX: A number of small bug fixes

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Immersive Display PRO v2.1r1

Fly Elise-ng  proudly releases Immersive Display PRO v2.1r1

Release notes:

  • - NEW: Support for DX12
    - NEW: Support for "soft" bezel correction for tiled LCD displays
    - NEW: Support for ATI/AMD DOPP, the native ATI warping API for ATI FirePRo GPUs
    - NEW: Select between DWM (windows), NVAPI(NVidia) and DOPP (ATI) native warping end edge blending API
    - UPD: Moved the configuration and log files to the global C:\WARP000 folder
    - UPD: Better exclude filtering
    - FIX: Cursor warping cache memory leak
    - FIX: Other minor bug fixes