Immersive Designer PRO v2.0.2
Fly Elise-ng proudly releases Immersive Designer PRO v2.0.2

New in this version:
  • - NEW: New rotation and move gizmo
    - NEW: Support for HTC VIVE (Steam VR)
    - NEW: Support for SPOUT sources
    - NEW: Use SPOUT source as projector image source
    - NEW: Use SPOUT source as Warp & Blend Analysis image source
    - UPD: Much smoother Analysis edge blend
    - UPD: Use mm as units
    - UPD: Performance and speed improvements
    - FIX: A number of minor bug fixes

New versions of Fly Elise-ng software

Fly Elise-ng  proudly announces new versions of Immersive Display PRO, Immersive Mapper PRO, Immersive LCD PRO and Immersive Designer PRO.
A new licensing model and new license options have been introduced for all products.

Release notes (Immersive Display/Mapper/LCD PRO v.3.01):

- NEW: New licencing model
- NEW: More robust integration with Windows
- NEW:Independent on windows updates
- NEW: Embedded VNC server for remote control and configuration
- UPD: Updated modern user intrface
- FIX: Fix for NVida Quadro NVAPI mode
- FIX: A number of small bug fixes

Release notes (Immersive Designer PRO v.2.01):

- NEW: New licencing model
- NEW: New projectors database (2800+ Projector models)
- NEW: New licensing options
- UPD: Updated userinterface
- FIX: A number of minor bug fixes