Immersive Mapper PRO is the ultimate and the most comprehensive projection mapping software for Windows 7/8/10 desktops.
It is the only software that seamlesly integrates into the Windows 7/8/10 desktop and provides image mapping using the PC GPU. No additional hardware is needed for mapping parts of the desktop image to any surface.
Immersive Mapper PRO utilizes Fly Elise-ng Immersive core components for image geometric correction and presentation.

Main Features:

  • Simple user interface for mapping the projected output to kind of projection surface
  • Up to 16 projectors independent surfaces per projector (max 256 surfaces)
  • Individual masking per mapped surface
  • Supports NVidia, ATI and Intel Graphics cards

Immersive Mapper PRO Licenses

PC Locked €120
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USB Dongle €190
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1 projector
16 independent surfaces per projector
See table below

PC Locked €180
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USB Dongle €250 
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16 projectors
16 surfaces per projector (total 256)
See table below

Features Basic Advanced
Max projectors 1 16
Max surfaces 16 256
Surface Masking Yes Yes