Immersive Calibration PRO v4.0.1

Feb 17, 2019

Fly Elise-ng Immersive Calibration PRO v4.0.1

Fly Elise-ng proudly announces new version of Immersive Calibration PRO. This is a major version update with tons of new features, enhancements and fixes. No other auto-align and edge-blend software can match Immersive Calibration PRO features set.
Release notes:

– NEW: Add an ultra fast scanning method with only a single pattern
– NEW: Add built-in image for projector overlap check
– NEW: Add contrast and brightness test images (for projector contrast/brightness adjustment)
– NEW: Implement advanced color correction mode (based on a spatial grid)
– NEW: Add Contrast/Saturation/Brightness
– NEW: Add support for Pill shape screen type
– NEW: Add support for External mesh screen type
– NEW: Add border pixels preset in DisplayArea
– NEW: Re-projection performance metrics feedback
– NEW: Add deband filter to the blending and black offset images (for more smooth edge blending maps)
– NEW: Add advanced options to client not to use OpenGL full screen (for buggy OGL drivers)
– NEW: Extended list of external 3rd party exporters
– UPD: Reworked and streamline exporters GUI
– UDP: Add the Scan all views button to the GUI when in camera mapping mode
– UDP: Map arrow keys to toggle previous/next ref points
– UDP: Upgrade to the latest Canon SDK
– UPD: Missing camera properties in Views mode
– FIX: Histogram pop-up invisible if window maximized
– FIX: Add/remove ref point window auto-scaling
– FIX: Basler and Optitrack cameras run-time stability
– FIX: Number of stability issues and possible software crashes


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