Immersive Display PRO v1.7r1

Jun 1, 2014

Immersive Display PRO v1.7r1

Fly Elise-ng  proudly releases Immersive Display PRO v1.7r1

Release notes:

  • NEW: Support for NVidia Quadro K5000/K6000/K7000 native Warping
  • NEW: Support for up to 16 projector in NVidia Mosaic mode
  • NEW: Double/Halve grid control points
  • NEW: Advanced (experimental) cursor warping
  • NEW: Keyboard shortcuts help window (in warping mode)
  • UPD: DirectX9 warping quality (no blur)
  • FIX: Minor bug fixes

This version includes support for native warping & blending in the NVidia’s high-end and ultra high-end Workstation Graphics Processors: Quadro 5000, Quadro K5000, Quadro K6000 and Quadro Plex 7000.

Using the NVidia mosaic technologies users can create the following projectors configuration with one or more NVidia Quadro K5000 graphical cards

2 projectors: Single NVidia K5000
4 projectors: Single NVidia K5000
8 projectors: Two NVidia K5000 + SLI or Two NVidia K5000 + Quadro Sync
12 projectors: Tree NVidia K5000+ Quadro Sync
16 projectors: Four NVidia K5000+ Quadro Sync

Immersive Display PRO now uses the NVidia native GPUs warping and blending support to create a seamless display.

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