Immersive Display PRO v1.8r1

Oct 9, 2014

Immersive Display PRO v1.8r1

Fly Elise-ng  proudly releases Immersive Display PRO v1.8r1

Release notes:

  • NEW: New modern GUI theme and icons set
  • NEW: Detection of computer displays changes and corrections
  • FIX: Color balancing correction for external calibration files
  • FIX: Locked display during configuration on ATI cards (no need for Use frame-buffer option) 
  • UPD: Improved support for Ubisoft DX10/DX11 game engines
  • UPD: Improved support for OpenGL/Glut games
  • UDO: Improved support for OpenGL 4.x 
  • UPD: Imporved support Windows 8.1 Metro apps

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