Immersive Mapper PRO v1.0r1

Aug 26, 2017

Immersive Mapper PRO v1.0r1

Fly Elise-ng  proudly releases Immersive Mapper PRO v1.0r1

Meet Immersive Mapper PRO: the latest member of the Fly Elise-ng multi projector software family.

Unlike any other projection mapping software, Immersive Mapper PRO focuses on easy mapping the content to any projection surfaces. It leaves the content creation to the content professionals. Content can be created independently from the mapping and put anywhere on the desktop.

Immersive Mapper PRO will take the desktop output and map it to the projector output according to the warping and masking configuration.
Immersive Mapper PRO is the most intuitive and most flexible projection mapping software. Any part of the desktop can be mapped to a warping grid and geometrically mapped to any projection surface.

– Take any projection surface and put one or more projectors to cover all facets of the projection surface to be mapped by projector images.
– Put your content (video or images) anywhere on the desktop. Content can be later mapped independently to the projection surfaces.
– The unmapped content will not fit the projection surfaces before mapping.
– Start Immersive Mapper PRO and select the number of the mapping grids to be mapped and enter the mapping configuration mode.
– The first step of the mapping is to assign the source region of each warping grid. This is the region of the desktop that will be taken and mapped to the projection surface. Use the source mapping mode to select a rectangular desktop area.
– Once the source mapping is completed select destination grid mapping and use the warping grid to map each grid visually to the projection surface. For each grid use the control points and the different available grid editing modes to manually map the grid content on the projection surface.
– Additionally, when needed, use a black/white bitmap image to mask part of the source image before putting it on the final projection surface. This can be used for more complex and irregular projection surfaces. The black parts of the masking bitmap will be removed from the source images.
– When finished, exit the configuration screen, save the configuration and enable the desktop warping. The complete desktop will be geometrically corrected in such a way that the content from the desktop will be perfectly mapped to the projection surface.


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