Immersive Presenter PRO v1.0.1

Mar 25, 2022

Immersive Presenter PRO v1.0.1

Fly Elise-ng is introducing a new multi-projector media presentation software.
Meet Immersive Presenter PRO.

v1.0.1 (20220402)

Support for numerous input types:
– Local or streamed A/V content
– Still images and image albums
– DirectShow capture devices
– Windows desktop and window capture
– More to be added

Composition of one or multiple inputs on a stage (canvas)
– Planar, Curved and Dome stages
– Accurate positioning, scaling , rotation , shadow, etc..
– Multiple stages with different compositions

Stages scheduling and queuing
– Based on a world clock time
– Based on external SMPTE time code
– Manual or remote activation
– Complex triggering configuration

Multi-projector presentation
– Planar , curved or dome multi-projection setups
– Manual or automatic alignment
– Projection mapping

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