LCD Designer PRO v1.0r2

May 16, 2016

LCD Designer PRO v1.0r2

Fly Elise-ng  proudly releases LCD Designer PRO v1.0r2

Create perfect, geometrically correct views with multiple LCD monitors.

During the first several weeks after the release of v1.0r1 we received tremendous interest in this software. Dozens of users are already using the software in their LCD Panel setups to get 100% geometrically correct views with 180 degrees field of views and beyond.

We received a number of improvement suggestions from our key users.  
This is a new release which includes some of the improvements and new features requests:

– NEW: Change the order of the LCD Panels
– NEW: Calculate and visualize the total FOV
– UPD: Updated FSX/P3D export
– UPD: Optimal warping for best pixel coverage
– UPD: Updated user manual for non-grouped and rotated displays

Check this step by step guide:

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