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Immersive Calibration PRO v2.3r4

Immersive Calibration PRO v2.3r4 Fly Elise-ng proudly releases Immersive Calibration PRO v2.3r4  Release notes: NEW: Support for camera rotation (90/180/270 deg) NEW: New background grids with angles and dimensions NEW: Export to the new Prepar3D v2 fxml format UPD:...

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Immersive Display PRO v1.6r4

Immersive Display PRO v1.6r4 Fly Elise-ng  proudly releases Immersive Display PRO v1.6r4 Release notes: NEW: Initial support for OpenGL quad-buffer stereo NEW: Support for 360 deg continuous projection NEW: Improved projector black-offset control UPD: New GUI slider...

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Robinson R44 Simulator

Robinson R44 Simulator Robinson R44 Simulator now running Fly Elise-ng Immersive Display PRO The whole equipment has been built around a real-life R44 cockpit. It has a 2 meters high surround screen with 4 meters diameter and 3 equivalent projectors has been placed...

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Immersive Designer PRO v1.0r2

Immersive Designer PRO V1.Or2 Fly Elise-ng proudly releases Immersive Designer PRO.  New in this version: - NEW: Metric and Imperial Units (meters, inches,  feet)- NEW: Projector projection clipping (frustum clipping)- NEW: Measurement tool to measure the distances in...

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Immersive SDK PRO V1.6r32

Immersive SDK PRO V1.6r32   Fly Elise-ng  proudly releases Immersive Display PRO v1.6r3Now with support for Windows 8.1 Desktop Warping. Release notes: FIX: Masking grid for external calibration UPD: Updated support for old OpenGL programs NEW: Added OpenGL texture...

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