Robinson R44 Simulator

Feb 25, 2014

Robinson R44 Simulator

Robinson R44 Simulator now running Fly Elise-ng Immersive Display PRO

The whole equipment has been built around a real-life R44 cockpit. It has a 2 meters high surround screen with 4 meters diameter and 3 equivalent projectors has been placed above the cockpit. It has a 240 degrees wide panorama view.

All the different switches and annunciator lights are operational in the cockpit. The cockpit is built on a 3 DOF motion platform which has a +-30 degrees tilting range and a +-35 centimeters vertical movement range. The whole thing with the screen, the 3 projectors and the cockpit moves together as one unit.

It is based on X-plane 10.25 simulator and it has a custom flight model which has been developed and tested by the aid of real-life R44 instructors/pilots.

It also uses custom made sound samples recorded and post processed.

Click here for 360 panorama views

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