P3D Multiple Cameras with Immersive Calibration PRO

Fly Elise-ng Immersive Display + Calibration PRO software has become a defacto standard for calibrating and driving a 100% geometrically accurate and edge blended multi projector displays.
Combined with the P3D ViewGroups feature Immersive Calibration PRO and Immersive Display PRO is a must have software for calibrating and setting up the P3D projection and views.

X-Plane 11 Multi View and 3D Cockpit

X-Plane 11 has been out for some time now….
Among other new features and improvements, the one one feature in particular makes X-Plane very suitable for constructing and building immersive visual displays based on a single X-Plane PC (single license). The feature is called multi-view.
When a PC is equipped with a graphics card with multiple outputs, X-Plane 11 can be configured in such a way that each displays connected to the graphics card is rendered in a separate window. Users can configure what should be rendered on each displays.

Virus detection

All Fly Elise-ng software tools are genuine programs and free of viruses.

In order to protect our intellectual property and prevent reverse engineering of our software we use an off-the-shelf software copy-protection solution to encrypt parts of the software with a standard encryption scheme.
Those parts of the software are decrypted run-time if the license key is present on the system.