Designing Immersive Display Setup

Designing an Immersive multi-projector projection setup is a very complicated task. A dozen of questions have to be answered to make a decision for the projection screen and the projectors.

  • The type of the screen (cylinder, dome, etc..)
  • The radius and the height of the screen.
  • The number of projectors needed to cover the screen.
  • The projection resolution and aspect ratio
  • The needed projector throw ratio
  • Projector uniformity on the screen (how image is distorted on the screen)
  • The projector image utilization (how much projector image falls outside of the screen)
  • What will happen if you have an object between the projector and the screen. How and where the object will drop shadow on the screen.
  • ....
Immersive Display Revealed

Creating and configuring a multi-projector setup with an arbitrary curved or planar screen is a delicate and complex task. It requires properly selecting the projector and the projection screen, properly positioning the projectors, choosing the right projector overlap, geometrical correction of the projected image and edge blending of the overlapping images.
Each of this steps requires the right software to do the task and requires a basic understanding of each step.